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ALMs could not function with out all our volunteers. We have had volunteers of every age, race and station in life. All of them have the same vision and love for the orphans, widows and abandoned children that is the very heartbeat of ALMs. We are always in need of more volunteers.


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Mark Baker

Founder & Director

Mark is the founder & director of Agape Love Ministries (ALMs). Previously he had owned his own business since he was 22 years old. His life was primarily about accumulating wealth and enjoying life until he had an encounter. In 1996 he had an encounter with God that completely transformed his whole life in just a few seconds. In this encounter he experienced indescribable love from God, the love that each one of us were created to know and experience. Because of this encounter the passion of Mark's life became to have a greater and deeper revelation of God's love, and then to share and demonstrate that revelation in a tangible way with the world. Everything he does flows out of that passion for receiving and sharing God's love. Empowered by that love, He has gone around the world, to the crowds, and to the one. It is that passion that compels him and has gifted him to demonstrate God's love by loving and caring for the poor, orphans, widows, homeless, and the rejected outcasts of society. He loves to go where no one will go and to love those that no one will love. His nickname has now become the "El Amoroso" The Loving One.