Our Work

An example of the water being drunk before a new well was dug.  ALMs can dig a water well for as little as $200, supplying clean water to an entire community and preventing many diseases and even deaths.

A New Water Well

ALMs is supporting and partnering with 16 orphanages. The largest of these has over 300 orphans, young girls and widows. Over 200 children and young girls have been rescued from the sex trade and brought to the orphanages. We have provided hundreds of thousands of meals. We have dug new water wells and much more.


Our vision is to rescue children and establish ABBA centers in every nation of the world. However, the main country that ALMs is currently active in is India because of the massive needs and the greater impact our funds and efforts produce. Besides the orphanages, children, and widows, we are reaching out to the largest of nine leper colonies in India, which has over 2,000 adults and children.  The goal and desire of ALMs is to also touch the lives of the lepers, untouchables, and unseen castes throughout the region, especially the children from these groups.


The impact ALMs can have in India and other third world countries is truly amazing.  This is possible because for under $50, ALMs can purchase a commercial bag of rice, which can feed 400 to 800 people for an entire day.  We can purchase 100 bags of rice at this time for roughly $4,500 U.S., which is enough to support resident orphans, widows, and staff, plus the street feeding program for approximately two months.  Staff expenses range from as little as $5 to $20 per week.  Many professional and technical programs cost as little as $125 for an entire year's worth of education, providing a lifetime of rewards.


Many of the widows and grown-up orphans who are associated with ALMs are committed to the process of creating a self-sufficient and long-term endeavor. Through strategic appropriations, many of them can and do become incredibly productive members of the staff's support structure.  Training and education of both teens and widows leads to greater security and advancement of the project as a whole.


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