The Crisis: According to latest statistics worldwide, there are over 210 million orphans.  Of these, fewer than 10% are properly cared for; even fewer are educated. There are over 400 million children living on the streets, of whom 160 million are orphans.  An average of 30,000 children die every day from starvation.  That is over 10 million children a year, of whom 8 million are under the age of five.  There are an estimated 27 million children who are enslaved in the sex trade.

Our Vision

Our mission is to offer complete care and education for 1 million orphans and 120,000 abandoned widows.


Construct new ABBA Centers in every nation in the world, with additional centers added per each nation's need.  Each center provides complete care and education for up to 300 children and 25 widows.


ABBA Centers worldwide will provide a loving environment that meets the emotional, physical, educational, and spiritual needs of the children for less than $1.00 per day per child.


ABBA Centers are self sufficient.  We will focus on using alternative sources of energy, growing and raising our own food, etc., in order to make each center as economically self-sufficient as possible.  This increases the possibility of their continued operation during a crisis situation, economic or otherwise.


Hire and train indigenous peoples who better understand the cultures of their regions and nations. The goal is that each center, with continued oversight from ALMs, is eventually operated and funded by that nation.


Establish Feeding Programs at each orphanage and simple, low-cost Rescue Centers throughout each region where all abandoned street children and widows can receive a free meal and shelter.


Partner with current orphanages, foster care programsm and children's organizations in every nation to restructure, fund, and expand them, as well as train their workers.


Rescue children from the sex trade industry and coordinate with the government and other agencies in each nation to bring them to the ABBA Centers.


Education of the highest standard possible.  Our goal is not just to help these children survive, but for them to truly make a difference in their nations. Classrooms will intentionally be built oversized to accommodate paying students from the community.  Most of the educational costs for the orphans will be offset by these paying students.  This is one of the many ways we will offset the operating costs of each ABBA Center. 


Medical Clinics to serve the children and the community.  Costs of medical care for the children will be supplemented by sliding scale fees received from the community.


Drill New Water Wells and provide clean water to the communities surrounding the orphanages.


No-Fee Adoptions after sufficient care has been administered to stabilize the child and prepare him or her for the adoption process.


Our goal is to keep the cost per child as low as possible without sacrificing the quality of care and education.  Our target cost for third world countries is $1 a day per child.


ALMs is currently in need of at least 1 million dollars to meet the yearly expenses of 14 orphanages, feeding programs, and short term projects and to complete our first prototype ABBA Center, which will be used as a model and training center for all of the future centers.


Once we are able to have the model center established and fully operational, our future project is to open a new center for every $300,000 donated.  Each center will accommodate approximately 300 orphans, children, and widows, and have a local rescue and feeding program.


We only need 1 Billion dollars to be able to fulfill this mission.  We truly believe that if we will all unite and each person and organization does their part, we can not only accomplish this mission, but that eventually every orphaned child and abandoned widow in the world will be fed, loved, and cared for.


These figures are based on all land being donated and least expensive construction methods. Having a 90% volunteer staff. They do not include economic development, extra farm land, alternate energy sources etc. In order to fulfill the complete vision and pay all staff, we need aproximately 2 million per year per ABBA Center. However in the long term its less expensive to operate an ABBA Center, as they should be self-sufficient within 3-5 years. 


How you can help