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Agape Love Ministries (ALMs) is a mission-minded organization with a massive vision. The founder of ALMs, Mark Baker, has developed and is actively implementing a system to generate low-cost programs to help feed, rescue, shelter, and ultimately completely care for orphans, abandoned children, and widows.  ALMs is moving into a systematic approach of generating self-sufficient orphanages and rescue centers.


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Most of us in the western world are not fully aware of the magnitude of the suffering of children worldwide. Many of us have seen the commercials and know that there are children in the world who are suffering, but many of us may believe that this represents a very small percentage and that most children are well cared for. However, this is simply not true. One of the reasons for this lack of awareness is that the children have no voice and the media has focused more on other causes than on this urgent crisis and this injustice. For example, the media focuses more on the plight of animals and nature. We believe these causes are important, but should never be a greater focus or concern than human beings, especially children. Our desire is not only for you to be informed or to just to help us complete this mission, but for this to become your passion and vision also and to actually join us in this urgent mission of rescuing and caring for those that are being entrusted to us. What if these were your children or children you know?  We encourage you to let your heart break with the things that break ours, and you will understand why our name is "Agape Love Ministries"; we endeavor to show selfless love to those who have no one and no voice to defend them.


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The Hard Truth

According to the latest statistics, there are over 400 million children worldwide living on the streets, of whom 160 million are orphans. Some are newborns that are either abandoned or taken care of by the older street children  ("children raising children"). These children are receiving little or no attention or education, and many die of completely preventable diseases they contracted due to poor sanitation or contaminated water.  An average of 30,000 children die every day from starvation alone.  That is over 10 million children a year, and 8 million of them are under the age of five. It is estimated that 27 million children are enslaved in the sex trade.





Alms can give a hungry child a meal for as little as 5 cents




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Our Vision

Our Vision is massive because the needs our massive.


To offer complete care and education for 1 million orphans and 120,000 abandoned widows. We will do this by building new ABBA centers and by partnering with, funding, restructuring, coordinating, training, and expanding current orphanages and organizations in every nation of the world.  We will do the same with both foster care and adoption programs.

Establish feeding programs at each orphanage and simple, low-cost rescue centers throughout each region where all street children and widows can have a meal and a safe place to sleep.


Coordinate with governments and other agencies to rescue as many children as possible from the sex trade and bring the children to these centers.


Hire and train indigenous people who better understand the cultures of their regions and nations so that each center, with continued oversight by ALMs, will eventually be operated by native people and partially or completely funded by money from that nation.


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What We Do

ALMs is supporting and partnering with 16 orphanages. The largest of these has over 300 orphans, young girls and widows. Over 200 children and young girls have been rescued from the sex trade and brought to the orphanages. We have provided hundreds of thousands of meals. We have dug new water wells and much more. 


Our mission is to rescue children and establish ABBA centers in every nation of the world. 


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What Keeps Us Going

Mark Baker and the many volunteers of ALMs believe that this is a mission worth the investment of our very lives. Those of us capable of even reading this on a computer, accessed through an Internet connection, any place in any language represent the top 1% of the wealthiest people on the planet. The funds that we might spend on a simple entertainment outing could mean another month of life for a child such as this beautiful little girl. She was destined for a life of hunger, abuse, slavery, and death, but was thankfully rescued at the age of three. She is now in the care of people who love her. There is simply no greater thing we can offer anyone than the gift of life and love.

Please consider joining us in this fight for life. For each child, $30 per month can provide food, shelter, education, and, perhaps more importantly, love and hope for those that have lost all hope. The smiles that you will find in our photographs are the smiles of little ones who thought they were destined for hunger, abuse, slavery, and death. With your help, thousands upon thousands of children can be impacted in a significant way. Please join our growing team today!


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